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Instructions on How to be King

A previously unseen letter written in 1749 from Frederick, Prince of Wales to his son, the future George III giving advice on how to be a good king has been revealed by The Royal Collection. Frederick was the estranged son of George II but takes inspiration from his grandfather, George I, for his ideas.

He encourages his son: 

The sooner you have an opportunity to lower the interest, for God’s sake, do it… if you can be without war, let not your ambition draw you into it… Flatterers, Courtiers or Ministers, are easy to be got, but a true Friend is difficult to be found… Let your steadiness retrieve the glory of the throne.

Furthermore, he urges George to reduce the country’s debt, ease the tax burden and to behave as ‘an Englishman born and bred’. 

Sounds like he would have been a good king himself, but he died prematurely and never took the throne. Eerily, he writes in the letter how '[He] shall have no regret never to have wore the Crown, if [George] do but fill it worthily'.

[Sources: Royal Collection]

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Veronica Lake’s hair had a whole article published in Life Magazine on November 24th 1941 due to her breakthrough role in I Wanted Wings which publicised her famous peekaboo hair. 

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I wished that it was you.

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Louis Jean François Lagrenée - Mars & Venus, Allegory of Peace (detail).

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imagine being an old-timey gangster but instead of having people murdered you had them loved. that’s pretty much my dream job now that i think about it. all sittin in bars in a pinstriped suit, being all “hey tony. see that guy over there? go take care of him, if you know what i mean.” and then tony goes and gives him a hug

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"I must have flowers, always, and always."
Claude Monet

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Behind the scenes of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Paper To Runway: Since the house of Christian Dior was founded designers at the helm would collaborate with artists who would create magnificent fashion illustrations in order to immortalise collections and pieces, as well as to reflect the suble simplicity of one’s designs. Creative director for the house Raf Simons is carrying on this tradition by enlisting the skilled hand of New York based artist Mats Gustafson, whose delicate monotonous paintings portray gowns from the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and with each watercolour stroke he perfectly captures the modern minimalistic elegance which is of course the essence of the 21st century Dior woman. image via.

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